Gilda Hunt was born in the tiny country of El Salvador, Central America where she was introduced mostly by her father to the beauty of the arts: books, music, specifically opera which he sang, plays, art and dancing. As a point of interest, her name Gilda comes from the opera Rigoletto.

Gilda and her family immigrated to San Francisco, California when she was a young girl and she learned from that early age that major changes in life brought new opportunities and new adventures.

Throughout all this time, besides enjoying music and other arts, Gilda discovered photography which is a passion she has maintained to this day.

But it wasn't until she moved to Portland that Gilda was introduced to her second passion in the arts: the art of quilting. A good friend invited her to come to the Sister's Quilt Show and it was love at first sight. Since then, Gilda has been learning and expanding her skills in quilting and for the last five years she has been using her photography to create patterns for her very special quilts. And although, she quilts many traditional quilts, her main interests now are more artistic landscapes and portrait quilts, either of pets or people.


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